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ISPWizard - Internet Setup Program Wizard
Advanced tool for creating Internet setup programs for all versions of Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP.  Setup programs created with ISPWizard can be distributed on floppy disk, CDROM or via Internet download.  Reduce customer support costs by making it easier for users to get online.

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The Virtual Office

Manage your ISP with ease with our Virtual Office. Access the Virtual Office anywhere and anytime through our web based system  Read More...


Web Accelerator !

Surf the Internet up to 5X faster using your dialup Internet connection and existing phone line. Read More...



  Web Accelerator (Surf the Internet up to 5X faster)

This product uses server side compression and cache technology to reduce the size of pages before they reach your dial-up customers computer and decrease the time it takes for them to view websites.

Web compression accelerates HTML, Javascript, JPEG, GIFS, BMPS, Text and Email. It does not accelerate streaming media, secure websites or file attachments.

This makes their dial-up connection seem like they are surfing at up to 5x the speed of a typical 56k connection. This is the same type of software that other large competitors such as NetZero and Earthlink use as an upsell to their customer base. We are providing you with the opportunity to compete directly with them in this market and with a chance to make additional revenue on your existing and future endusers.


FREE Customized Acceleration Software & Setup
$1.95 Per User Per Month (who uses it)



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