ISPWizard - Internet Setup Program Wizard
Advanced tool for creating Internet setup programs for all versions of Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP.  Setup programs created with ISPWizard can be distributed on floppy disk, CDROM or via Internet download.  Reduce customer support costs by making it easier for users to get online.

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The Virtual Office

Manage your ISP with ease with our Virtual Office. Access the Virtual Office anywhere and anytime through our web based system  Read More...


Web Accelerator !

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  Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the service cost?

Program packages have a low one-time start-up fee. This fee provides the ISP with full access to all existing and future Become Your Own ISP sites.

Monthly fees are charged on a per PPP account basis.

2. When do I pay for my accounts?

All accounts will need to be prepaid at our wholesale rates and you then do the collecting for the enduser account fees yourself.

3. Who owns the accounts?

Your customers, and their accounts, are owned by you. We do not make any claim to the ownership or control over an account. You are free to move accounts between our service and someone else's service without restriction.

4. How does email work?

Remember, if you are connected to the internet, anywhere, you can check email anywhere as well. You don't have to be connected to your own network to check email in your network. Email settings for your users will be no different regardless if they are connected to the internet through a Become Your Own ISP location or your own modem pool.

5. How does UseNet/News service work?

News service is available as a basic service, or you can use your own News service. If you are using your own News service, you will have to place all the dial-up IP address Class C address blocks into your News server's allowable access file.

6. Whose DNS is used for the dial-up User?

All sites deploy equipment that provides "server assigned DNS", "server assigned gateway", and "dynamic IP assignment". This means the standard PPP dialer you issue to your clients can connect to any site without making any changes to their settings. The DNS settings will be passed to the dial-up user's software automatically. If your user does not have dial-up software that can receive automatic DNS information, then you should provide them with your DNS information upon set-up.

7. How do I create an account for my customer?

Available in the Virtual Office we have put together an account management system. It is a form driven web interface used to activate, modify, and delete accounts. The account manager runs every minute and processes the accounts you submitted.




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